[ RexVa ] Flexible heating film , Carbon Heating Film , Heating foil NO # 002 / South korea Electric Heater Parts for sale

[ RexVa ] Flexible heating film , Carbon Heating Film , Heating foil NO # 002 / South korea Electric Heater Parts for sale
  • US $ 4 - 8 / Meter

    Min.Order : 30 Roll/Rolls 3000mts

    Supply Capacity : 13000 Meter/Meters per Day 130rolls

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Product Details

Flexible carbon heating film " flexible film " or " Heating film "

We - RexVa Co., Ltd. - is the leading korean Film Heater ( Flexible Heating Film ) manufacturer.

We launched our own Film Heater brand Xica.

We are exporting our products over 15 countries in the world such as; USA, Canada, Japan,

U.K., Russia, China, Ukraine etc.

Heating Film has bigger merits than other heating methods.

First of all, Heating Film is able to be easily constructed and the cost is very cheap

because the Heating Film use the electricity.

The second, Heating Film is more environmental than other heating methods. When we

use a heating film, It causes far infrared ray and anion which is useful to our health.

Moreover, It does not cause any noise and contaminated substance.

Finally, The life span of the Heating Film is semi-permanent and very safe.

RexVa Co., Ltd. guarantees superior quality of the heating film through various official

certifications such as; UL, CE, ISO9001, ISO14001, NTRL, CUL, GOST, Ukraine Standard.

RexVa Co., Ltd. is making effort to manufacture safer and more convenient products


Thank you.


[ Economical heating XICA ]

30% cost saving compared to electric heating, 60% cost saving compared to fuel heating !!
XiCA, heating film can enormously save heating cost by high efficiency convection heating.
Convection heat by far-infrared ray is the heating system without temperature difference and having good heating effects under relatively low power consumption compared to radiation heating system.
It is possible to save the cost additionally by avoiding unnecessary heating by partial heating.


[ Healthy heating by XICA ]

Well being heating system by convection heating by far-infrared ray !!
XiCA, rapid heating is available by high efficiency method and keep fresh air in a room due to the benefits of convection heating by far-infrared rays and negative ions from the Carbon heating Element covered on the film.
Convection heat by far-infrared ray is the heating system without temperature difference, Good heating effects under relatively low temp compared to radiation heating system.


[ XICA, Easy to Install ]
Just install it under floor, that’s all !!
Easy to install, it is completed by just installing film between final material and insulation.
When renovated, just install film on existing installed floor without taking off it, maximizing effects with minimum budget.

[ Safe heating system "XICA" ]

Safe heating system without concerns for an accident !!
Heating method without a flame
No concerns for an accident by CO gas or heat conduction due to no flame.
Safely used for facilities for Children or Old people

[ Quite and clean heating !! ]
Heating film XiCA keeps quite and clean in a room due to no sound of combustion fuel, no working by fuel, no vibration and no blower for ventilation and it is especially good for some areas like hospitals which need to keep quite and clean.

[ Semi-permanent heating system " XICA " ]

Semi-permanent heating without concerns for breakdown !!
Heating film XiCA has simple structure and high durability and it can be used for semi-permanet without concerns even the place having big impact like the floors of gymnasium.
It can be used without frozen & break and regular maintenance and move out & re-installation.


(For installer). processes for the installation of Carbon heating film

1. Measure the voltage before installation.

2. Fully clean the area to install.

3. Check the humidity in the area to install (the resistance of the product increases and the heat doesn’t produce if the copper foil is wet with humidity).

4. Check if the value of watt of the film is normal

5. When you install the product, you must select the wire with correct thickness. One thermostat covers 4KW, uses 2.5mm wire and it is suitable when the capacity is 3KW- If the capacity exceeds 3.5 KW per thermostat, you must draw it to the both sides and connect them in parallel on the thermostat. (Important)

6. Insulator: Insulator only for the heating film is used in Korea.

7. Prior to heating the floor, make a trial working to check if there is something wrong.

Regarding O.E.M products manufacturing

RexVa Co., Ltd. can manufacture O.E.M products.
The minimum order quantity of O.E.M manufacturing is 50 rolls.

If the company wants to manufacture O.E.M film heater,

Please, contact us and leave a message.


OFFICE & CELL PHONE +82 31 949 7860, +82 10 5358 111

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