CRITICAL MASS UL12 BEST SUBWOOFER / Indonesia Subwoofers for sale

CRITICAL MASS UL12 BEST SUBWOOFER / Indonesia Subwoofers for sale
  • US $ 2,320 - 2,559 / Set

    Min.Order : 1 Set/Sets

    Supply Capacity : 20 Set/Sets per Week

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Product Details

It almost pains me when I have only good things to say about a product after testing. Don't get me wrong; it's not because I'm some kind of scrooge and take glee in writing a damning review. Rather, when a product is this good you're naturally tempted to doubt your own evaluation process. After all, for the benefit of the consumer, your job as a reviewer is to reveal anything negative in a product. The UL12 really doesn't have any drawback in terms of speaker performance. It's surely the best subwoofer I've had the pleasure of auditioning. It played effortlessly across all genres of music with precision, never pigeonholing itself to one specific style of music. Its imaging was perfect, the impact striking. There was no distortion to speak of. The output was unapologetic and powerful with a capital P. The Critical Mass UL12 is that rarity in mobile audio, a dream product for BOTH audiophile and bass head. If there's any drawback, it's the price.

Max. Power:> 1000W
Sensitivity:> 100dB
Size:12 inches
Model Number:UL-12
Supplier Details
Company Name:Si Gaor Dodak
Contact Person:Mr. tomi jo
Company Address:Merdeka Utara No. 78
Contact Phone:62-919-34988