Phocos 5A/10A/20A IP68 Street light Solar Controller / China Solar Controllers for sale

Phocos 5A/10A/20A IP68 Street light Solar Controller / China Solar Controllers for sale
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Product Details

Phocos 5A/10A/20A IP68 Street Solar controller

•Robust  Aluminum Housing

•Epoxy   Encapsulated PCB to Prevent Corrosion (IP68)

• Compact Size

• Infrared Remote Control Programming Accessory (CU)

• Intelligent Timer       Functions

• Widely Programmable

• External Temperature Sensor  (Optional)

• 4 Stage Battery   Charging (Main, Float, Boost, Equalization)

• Dual load or Dimmable Load Output

• Automatic System Voltage Recognition (12/24V)

PV-Systems exposed to extreme weather/environmental conditions (street lights, navigation buoys, etc.) have increased risk for damage in the power electronics. In  order to assure reliable battery charge control under such conditions, Phocos developed an encapsulated charge controller (IP68) to prevent corrosion: CIS. CIS is an industrial-grade charge controller that is suitable  for all practical PV applications. High-quality, 4-stage PWM-charging is combined with amazing features such as: low-voltage disconnect, flexible load timer functions, and  a multi-LED system status display. CIS is available in two versions:


* Dual load to independently control two loads    

* Output Dimming to save energy in lighting applications. 


The CIS has no moving parts, switches or buttons. Settings such as battery type, deep discharge thresholds, timers, etc. are made quickly and easily via infrared remote control accessory.

All devices are connected to the controller by supplied lead wires rather than wire terminals. This feature eliminates the risk of damage from external influences (corrosion, dust, water, bugs, chemicals, physical shock) where components make electrical contact to the controller.


The extremely compact aluminum housing even allows for mounting CIS inside street light poles. CIS was developed  in accordance with well-established Phocos standards incorporating the latest technology, highest-quality and best possible cost/performance.



CIS 05              CIS-2L 05

CIS 10           CIS-2L 10


CIS 20          CIS-2L 20


System voltage  

12/24 V auto recognition

Max. charge/load current




Float charge

13.8/27.6 V (25 °C)

Main charge

14.4/28.8 V (25°C), 30 min. (daily)

Boost charge

14.4/28.8 V (25 °C), 2 h

activation: battery voltage < 12.3/24.6 V


14.8/29.6 V (25 °C), 2 Std

activation: battery voltage < 12.1/ 24.2 V (at least every 30 days)



Cut-off voltage

11- 12 V / 22- 24 V

Reconnect level

12.8/25.6 V

Overvoltage protection


Undervoltage protection

10.5/21 V

Max. panel voltage

  55 V


(Overvoltage protection by varistor)

Temperature compensation

−25 mV/K at 12 V

(Charge voltage)

 −50 mV/K at 24 V

Max. self consumption

  5-8 mA at 12 V

6 -10 mA at 24 V


positive grounding possible

Ambient temperature

−40 to +60 °C

Max. height

 4,000 m above sea leve

Battery type

lead acid (GEL, AGM, flooded)

Adjustment range:


Evening/morning hours

 0 -15 h / 0 -14 h

Night/day detection

2.5 -10 V

Wire length

10 cm 

Wire cross section

1.5 mm2

1.5 mm2 

2.5 mm2

Type of protection

 IP68 (1.5 m, 72 h)

Technical data dimming output

CIS 05

 CIS 10

CIS 20

Dimming value

0-100% output power

Dimming output voltage

0 -5 V (max. 1 mA)


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Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)
Brand Name:PHOCOS
Model Number:CIS
Application:Lighting Controller
Rated Voltage:12/24v AUTO
Maximum Current:5A,10A,20A
Cut-off voltage:11- 12 V / 22- 24 V
Reconnect level:12.8/25.6 V
Max. panel voltage:55V
System voltage:12/24 V auto recognition
Undervoltage protection:10.5/21 V
Ambient temperature:-40 to + 60 degree
Max. height: 4,000 m above sea leve
Battery type:lead acid (GEL, AGM, flooded)
Evening/morning hours: 0 -15 h / 0 -14 h
Type of protection: IP68 (1.5 m, 72 h)
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