Rigid PVC rain gutters profile making machine ( Made In Taiwan ) / Taiwan Plastic Extruders for sale

Rigid PVC rain gutters profile making machine ( Made In Taiwan ) / Taiwan Plastic Extruders for sale
Product Details

For higher profitability by making better product quality is our goal for machine user. Overall solutions with ideally matched components for our whole line design providing user economical and technical advantages. For wide range application, almost all thermoplastic materials can be processed by single screw extruder, low maintenance cost and long operating screw life is user's comprehensive choice. For high performance and efficiency, we also develop twin screw extruders for future low-cost and high-quality requirements from the profile market. In order to operate under optimum function, upstream and downstream equipments are designed for the best matched with the extrusion line under many decades experience. For further improve the output of extrusion line, each processing device and computer-controlled possibility ( e.g. PLC, PC BASE ) will be planning and recommending for perfectly suit to different user's demand.


Character of the machine :

    Twin and single screw extruders for the most varied thermoplastic material by different screw barrel design and process arrangement.Compact design includes integrated PLC / PC base control system / operation.Excellent melt quality with a low-pulsation transport.High performance transmission with torque reserves, the material is transported in low pulsation.Long operating life of screws and barrels.Reduction of pump wear, noise reduction and low energy consumption.Increased production reliability.Length measuring system, pneumatic saw blade advance vertically upward, saw hood with integrated clamping above the cutting table or parallel guidance of the oscillating top belt / caterpillar at the front side, etc, the downstream equipments are easily adjusting and operating.Low maintenance and repair costs.Customized designing requirement is welcome.



Application :

WPC ( Wood-Plastic Composite ) Profile Fiber Extrusion :

Indoor Building Profile - Frame, Blinder, Edge Bands, Refrigerator And Window Gaskets, Panels For Furniture, Kitten Appliances

Outdoor Building Profile - Picnic Tables, Park Benches, Walkways, Trash Can

Holders, Playground Structures, Boat Docks And Ramps, Dock Facings And Fenders, Gazebos, Beach Table, Bench, Trash Can


Window Profile - Window Frames, Window Sills, Window Strip, And Relative Terminal Profile


Profile For The Electrical Industry - Cable And Electrical Ducts, I.C. Tube, Packing Tube


Profile For The Building Industry - Door Panel, Door Frame, Blinder, Edge Bands, Rain Gutters, Refrigerator And Window Gaskets, Panels For Furniture, Kitten Appliances


Profiles For The Automotive Industry - Windscreen Wiper, Gasket


Applicable Material :

Single Screw Extruder :

Rigid PVC, Soft PVC, Foam PVC / PS / PP / PE / ABS, PP, PE, ABS, PC, PS, PA ,

PMMA etc.


Counter-Rotating Parallel Twin Screw Extruder :

Rigid PVC, Soft PVC, Foam PVC, WPC.


Conical Twin Screw Extruder :

Rigid PVC, Soft PVC, Foam PVC,WPC.


WPC ( Wood-Plastic Composite ) Material : 

Plastic ( Proportion 30% ~ 70% ) - PVC, PP , PE, PS, ABS etc.

Additive ( Proportion 30% ~ 70% ) - Wood Powder, Chaff , Sugar Cane etc.


Brand Name:Intype
Place of Origin:Taiwan
Plastic Processed:PVC
Screw Design:Double-screw
Supplier Details
Contact Person:Ms. Maggie Chuang
Company Address:21, Shing Lo Road, An-Ping Industrial District, Tainan 70268, Taiwan
Contact Phone:886-6-2614196