Three-phase Transformer Turns Ratio Tester / India Testing Equipment for sale

Three-phase Transformer Turns Ratio Tester / India Testing Equipment for sale
Product Details

TRT30 - Three-phase Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

The TRT30 is a true three-phase, fully automatic, test set specially designed for turns ratio, phase shift and excitation current measurement of power, distribution and instrument transformers. The TRT30 determines the transformer turns ratio by accurately measuring the voltages across the unloaded transformer windings and then displaying the ratio of these voltages (ratios range from 0,8 to 15 000).


Main features:

Test voltages 8 V, 40 V, 100 VAC

Ratio range 0,8 15 000

Measurement of turns ratio

Measurement of phase shift

Measurement of excitation current

Vector group detection

Built-in thermal printer

Setting up the TRT30 is as simple as entering the transformer configuration using the

device front panel keyboard and connecting to un-energized transformer. Once the

parameters are selected the test of three phase transformers is performed in two ways:



All three phases can be measured consecutively. All connections and short circuit procedures at the primary and secondary voltage terminals are automatic, done internally before each measurement.



A true three phase excitation voltage test is applied to the three transformer primary windings. In such a way it is possible to detect the phase angle and measure a turns-ratio of any transformer type, including phase-shifting transformers, where other three phase transformer ratio devices can not.

TRTWin software

All measurements can be exported to a PC using the powerful TRTWin software. A PC and the TRT30 communicate via a standard USB cable. The TRTWin allows reports and analysis of results. Also, the TRT30 can be controlled, and the test status can be viewed from a PCusing theTRTWin software.

Place of Origin:Sweden
Brand Name:DV Power
Model Number:TRT30
Supplier Details
Company Name:Eltrix Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person:Mr. M Raza Khan
Company Address:205, Ozas Mansion, Frazer Road
Contact Phone:91-612-2216251