Three-phase Transformer Turns Ratio Tester / India Testing Equipment for sale

Three-phase Transformer Turns Ratio Tester / India Testing Equipment for sale
Product Details

Place of Origin:Sweden
Brand Name:DV Power
Model Number:TRT30

Supplier Details
Company Name:Eltrix Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person:Mr. M Raza Khan
Company Address:205, Ozas Mansion, Frazer Road
Contact Phone:91-612-2216251
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Automatic ratio tester / China Other Electrical Instruments for sale

Place of Origin:Hubei China (Mainland)
Brand Name:hance
Model Number:BBC-VI
Display Type:Digital Only
Measuring Range:1-10000
Accuracy Class:1-1000 0.2%; 1000-10000 0.5%
Supply Voltage:220V 50HZ
Operating Temperature:0-40
Weight:No more than 10kg
transformer Ratio Test:transformer polarity te...
fast and auto test:with print function

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ETCR9000B Wireless High-voltage Transformation Ratio Tester ---ISO,OEM,ODM / China Clamp Meters for sale

Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ETCR
Model Number:ETCR9500B
Display Type:Digital Only
Measuring Current Range:0.1mA-1000A; 0.01mA-20...
Operating Temperature:-25~45 degree; 80%Rh bel...
Measuring Range:High-voltage detector:0.1mA~10...
Accuracy Class:0.1mA
Supply Voltage:DC6V
Dimensions:32mm,1m/section(5 sections)

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Automatic Ratio & Winding Connection Tester / Hong kong Testing Equipment for sale

Place of Origin:Hubei China (Mainland)
Model Number:PW103
Usage:transformer winding connection and ratio...

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GDVA-404 Transformer CT PT Testing Equipment / China Testing Equipment for sale

Place of Origin:Chongqing China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Gold
Model Number:GDVA-404
Usage:GDVA-404 Transformer CT PT Testing Equipment
Warranty::1 Year

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Place of Origin:Gujarat India
Brand Name:AKTPL
Model Number:AKTPL
Coil Number:3CORE

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