CHERY oil air separator, Tiggo oil gas separator,481H-1014030 / China Fuel System for sale

CHERY oil air separator, Tiggo oil gas separator,481H-1014030 / China Fuel System for sale
Product Details

Car Make:CGERY Tiggo
OE NO.:481H-1014030
Brand Name:CGERY Tiggo
Model Number:CGERY Tiggo 481f

Supplier Details
Company Name:Jinan Shine International Trade Co., Ltd.
Contact Person:Mr. Eric Cai
Company Address:NO. 83 Jingqi Road
Contact Phone:0086-531-67602852
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Oil mist separator filter elements / China Other Industrial Filtration Equipment for sale

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Structure:Oil Mist Separator Filter Box
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Brand Name:FILTERK
Model Number:OM/040 Oil Mist Separator Filter
Certification:ISO 9001:2008
Oil Smoke Filter:FILTERK OM/040 Oil Mist Separator Filter Box
Filtering accuracy:0.3 Micron Oil Mist Separator Filter
Filtration Area:25m2
Filter Media:Non-woven Fabric,Filament Fiberglass
Bulkhead:Aluminum Foil
Frame:Galvanized Sheet
ISO/DIS 2942:Quality assurance(Bubble experiment)

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Heating model:Electrical heating(1KW~3KW)
Discharge standard:<10(mg/L)
Accessory pump:single-screw pump
Pump lift height (m):≤6
hydraulic oil water separator:China hydraulic oil water separator

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Type:oil water separator
Car Make:ISUZU
OE NO.:5-13200220-QL
Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)
Brand Name:LX
Model Number:LX-A250

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Media-Type Oil Water Separator:in Stainless St...

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