Liquid Bio Fermented Sargassum seaweed extract organic fertilizer / China Organic Fertilizer for sale

Liquid Bio Fermented Sargassum seaweed extract organic fertilizer / China Organic Fertilizer for sale
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Liquid Bio Fermented brown seaweed extract organic fertilizer"Power" 


We are the leading manufacturer of 100% natural algae/seaweed extract fertilizer. In the world, only we use a two-phase bio-fermentation process to produce a nutrient rich, non-hazardous with absolutely no chemical additives.


Biodegradability and being green is important for the environment and we are working to protect the earth for future generations. Harsh chemical fertilizers produce runoff and leech into the water supply posing health hazards and placing people at risk. Our products are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. The heavy metal content in seaweed extract is particularly in a very low level and in line with standards of the European Union. This 100% natural, nutrient rich seaweed extract fertilizer is a superior alternative to harsh chemical fertilizers and produces vibrant, healthy flowers, high yield gardens and very tasty vegetables all while protecting the environment.
Seaweed extract "Power" can be used any stage from seed treating to harvesting, and since the specific stability of biological products, Seaweed extract"Power"  absolutely can be used as the raw materials of organic fertilizer as additives, mixed with the other organic fertilizers, bio-fertilizer and compound fertilizers, to increase biological activity and fertilizer efficiency.


Seaweed extract Power is a new generation of natural fertilizer containing highly effective nutritious  which can significantly increase yields of many crops and enhance the resistant ability of plants to adverse factors. This product will greatly contribute to the agriculture because it is safe to the environment and highly economical.


[Target Crops] It is widely used in fruits, vegetables, melons, cotton, tea, tobacco, grain crops, flower, lawn and Chinese medical plants etc.



What is the real Seaweed Extract organic fertilizer?


Production methods of seaweed organic fertilizers: Usually they can be divided into

    Chemical hydrolysis method (i.e., potassium hydroxide hydrolysis), Physical extraction method (i.e., high-pressure and cold process), Biological fermentation method (i.e., enzyme degradation method) etc.

Extraction method has great influence on active materials and nutrition constituents of products.  

    Presently, major companies in the world is using chemical hydrolysis to produce seaweed fertilizers, the biggest disadvantage of chemical method is: the strong alkali and high temperature will destroy activity of endogemous materials and nutrients. Physical extraction method is crushing seaweed cell wall by using high pressure and subcooling process; it is better than chemical extraction. But there are few companies mastering physical extraction technology at present, such as kelpak of South Africa. The principle of biological fermentation method is using various kinds of enzymes produced by microorganisms in the metabolic process which uses seaweeds as nutrients. It degrades macromolecule materials constituting seaweeds into micromolecule and water-soluble materials. Without strong alkali and high temperature of chemical method or high pressure and low temperature of physical method, it maximizes the retention of bioactivators and nutrient substances in seaweeds.

Nowadays, Dongyang Lianfeng biological Technology Co.,Ltd. is the only enterprise in the world producing Seaweed organic fertilizers with two-phase fermentation technology.


Fermented seaweed extract organic fertilizer"Power" has exceeded the role of fertilizers, not only  provide the plants with nutrients, but also provide the plants with the endogenous plant growth substances such as auxin, cytokinin and gibberellins, which have a significant effect to plant growth; as well as protein amino acids and other amino acids, peptides, nucleotides, etc., which can be absorbed easily by the roots and leaves of plants as nutrients directly, these substances can enhance the plant's resistance to drought, cold resistance, pests and diseases; also algae polyphenols, flavonoids, terpenoids, various vitamins, alginc acid and humic acid etc. And all of these substances are extracted completely from natural algae in a balanced ratio by using the fermentation process, but not chemical additives. 


So Fermented seaweed extract organic fertilizer"Power" is different from chemical hormones, it can be used any stage from seed treating to harvesting, and because of the specific stability of biological products,  Fermented seaweed extract organic fertilizer"Power" can absolutely be used as the raw materials of organic fertilizer or additives, mixed with the other organic fertilizers, bio-fertilizer and compound fertilizers, to increase biological activity and fertilizer efficiency. And also "Power" can be used in livestock feed as nutritional additives.


Fermented seaweed extract organic fertilizer"Power" have specific stability only owned by biological products. In order to reduce labor intensity, farmers like to use fertilizers together with pesticides, which requires excellent stability of seaweed fertilizers.


Furthermore fermented seaweed organic fertilizers as an ideal bio-organic fertilizer do not have seaweed fishy and pungent chemical odor and residue at harvest time, especially be suitable for organic products required high quality such as tea, Chinese Medical Plants, vegetables and fruits, and indoor bonsai flowers and grass golf.



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