GMP & HACCP 100% Natural Orgnic Ginger Root P.E. / China Herbal Extract for sale

GMP & HACCP 100% Natural Orgnic Ginger Root P.E. / China Herbal Extract for sale
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Ginger Root P.E.  Basic Information


Ginger or ginger root is the rhizome of the plant Zingiber officinale, consumed as a delicacy, medicine, or spice. It lends its name to its genus and family (Zingiberaceae). Other notable members of this plant family are turmeric, cardamom, and galangal.



Ginger produces a hot, fragrant kitchen spice. Young ginger rhizomes are juicy and fleshy with a very mild taste. They are often pickled in vinegar or sherry as a snack or just cooked as an ingredient in many dishes. They can also be steeped in boiling water to make ginger tea, to which honey is often added; sliced orange or lemon fruit may also be added. Ginger can also be made into candy, or ginger wine which has been made commercially since 1740.


Mature ginger rhizomes are fibrous and nearly dry. The juice from old ginger roots is extremely potent and is often used as a spice in Indian recipes, and is a quintessential ingredient of Chinese, Korean, Japanese and many South Asian cuisines for flavoring dishes such as seafood or goat meat and vegetarian cuisine.


Ginger acts as a useful food preservative.

Fresh ginger can be substituted for ground ginger at a ratio of 6 to 1, although the flavors of fresh and dried ginger are somewhat different. Powdered dry ginger root is typically used as a flavoring for recipes such as gingerbread, cookies, crackers and cakes, ginger ale, and ginger beer.

Candied ginger is the root cooked in sugar until soft, and is a type of confectionery.

Fresh ginger may be peeled before eating. For longer-term storage, the ginger can be placed in a plastic bag and refrigerated or frozen.





The characteristic odor and flavor of ginger is caused by a mixture of zingerone, shogaols and gingerols, volatile oils that compose one to three percent of the weight of fresh ginger. The gingerols increase the motility of the gastrointestinal tract and have analgesic, sedative, antipyretic and antibacterial properties.Ginger oil has been shown to prevent skin cancer  [6]-gingerol (1-[4'-hydroxy-3'-methoxyphenyl]-5-hydroxy-3-decanone) is the major pungent principle of ginger. The chemopreventive potentials of [6]-gingerol present a promising future alternative to expensive and toxic therapeutic agents.


Ginger contains up to three percent of a fragrant essential oil whose main constituents are sesquiterpenoids, with (-)-zingiberene as the main component. Smaller amounts of other sesquiterpenoids (β-sesquiphellandrene, bisabolene and farnesene) and a small monoterpenoid fraction (β-phelladrene, cineol, and citral) have also been identified.

The pungent taste of ginger is due to nonvolatile phenylpropanoid-derived compounds, particularly gingerols and shogaols, which form from gingerols when ginger is dried or cooked. Zingerone is also produced from gingerols during this process; this compound is less pungent and has a spicy-sweet aroma. Ginger is also a minor chemical irritant.

Ginger has a sialagogue action, stimulating the production of saliva, which makes swallowing easier.





Ginger is on the FDA's "generally recognized as safe" list, though it does interact with some medications, including warfarin. Ginger is contraindicated in people suffering from gallstones, as it promotes the production of bile.

An acute overdose of ginger is usually in excess of about 2 grams of ginger per kilogram of body mass, dependent on level of ginger tolerance, and can result in a state of central nervous system over-stimulation called ginger intoxication or colloquially the "ginger jitters".


Allergic reactions to ginger generally result in a rash, and although generally recognized as safe, ginger can cause heartburn, bloating, gas, belching and nausea, particularly if taken in powdered form. Unchewed fresh ginger may result in intestinal blockage, and individuals who have had ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease or blocked intestines may react badly to large quantities of fresh ginger Ginger can also adversely affect individuals with gallstones.There are also suggestions that ginger may affect blood pressure, clotting, and heart rhythms.



Nutritional informationGinger root  


Nutritional informationGinger root (raw)

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)Energy333 kJ (80 kcal)Carbohydrates17.77 g- Sugars1.70 g- Dietary fiber2.0 gFat0.75 gProtein1.82 gVitamin A0 IUVitamin C5.0 mg (6%)Phosphorus34 mg (5%)Potassium415 mg (9%)Percentages are relative to
US recommendations for adults.
Source: USDA Nutrient Database

Ginger root (ground)

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz)Energy1,404 kJ (336 kcal)Carbohydrates71.62 g- Sugars3.39 g- Dietary fiber14.1 gFat4.24 gProtein8.98 gVitamin A30 IUVitamin C0.7 mg (1%)Phosphorus168 mg (24%)Potassium1320 mg (28%)Percentages are relative to
US recommendations for adults.
Source: USDA Nutrient Database




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Type:Herbal Extract
Variety:Ginger Extract
Part:Rhizomes (Roots)
Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
Packaging:Bottle,Can,Drum,Plastic Container,Vacuum Packed
Place of Origin:Hunan China (Mainland)
Grade:Food and Medicine Grade
Brand Name:Goldliloo
Model Number:GL-P-8011
Chemical Name:Ginger Root P.E.
Appearance:Yellow brown powder
Active Ingredient:Gingerols,Gingediols,Gingerone
Shelf Life:2 years
Testing Method:UV, HPLC
Health&Medicine:All natural, Organic,Healthy
Applicable Industry:Medicine,Functional Food,Beverage & Food
Effectiveness:Digestive system
Function:abdominal bloating, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea
Supplier Details
Company Name:Hunan Goldliloo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Contact Person:Mr. Andrew Chow
Company Address:Quanzhou Logistics Distribution Center, Lidong Road, Yuhua Dist. , Changsha , Hunan China (Mainland) Zip: 410011
Contact Phone:86-731-89721190