Gemstones, semi-precious stones, raw or lapidated from Brazil. / Brazil Loose Gemstone for sale

Gemstones, semi-precious stones, raw or lapidated from Brazil. / Brazil Loose Gemstone for sale
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We sell Brazilian gemstones, semi-precious stones, we can provide raw and lapidated,  in pieces, geodes, druses and chapels as also we sell calibrated, faceted and worked  material with several types of qualities, shapes, sizes and prices.


We have all types of stones, we can offer as well, Aquamarine, Esmerald, Agate(red,  yellow ang gray), Alexandrite, Andalusite, Yellow beryl, Crysoberyl, Rubellite,  Rhodolite, Peridot, Indicolite, Iolite, Fire Opal, Morganite, kunzite, citrine, amethyst rose  france, green amethyst, Paraiba, bi-color tourmaline, green and pink tourmaline, Blue  Topaz and others.  


Also we sell wide range of gemstones decoration of types varied, Trees in various  stones, bookends in several kinks of stones, wind chime in various stones, Agate  Butterfly, balls, eggs, obelisks, pyramids, hearts, polished faceted, animals in various  stones, familys in various stones, grapes in various stones, ashtrays in several kinds of  stones, jewl case, coasters, rubber stamp cable and support for cutlery, agate with  water, Clocks in various stones, chess and backgammon in various stones, tables in  various stones, chrome plated cutlery with tumbled stones, Rustess flatware with agate  cable, various rough stones for collection and industry, Alliances, rings and bracelets in  various stones, tumbled stones bag with 1 kg/ 2 kg/ 5 kg,  choosen several tumbled  stones, Rough crystal for industry, rough agate for industry, agate with stripes in  assorted sizes, Pendants in various stones, key chain in various stones, wealth  talisman, Agate thin slabs in several sizes, agate cups in several sizes, agate thin slabs  with polished boards in several sizes, thick slabs in various stones, Purple amethyst  and yellow citrine quartz for lapidation, Purple amethyst and yellow citrine quartz semi- clean/Dross, Sferes and faceted beads in several stones for setting, chips beads in  several stones for setting, globes in several stones, globe pictures frames with watch in  several stones, wood support for balls, candle holder in several stones, Lampshade &  Fountains in several stones (Baseless/Wireless), kits in various stones, boxes with  rough or tumbled stones for collection, jute bags for packages, Wood base to glue and  wood base to insert.


We have a large quantity of precious stones for export.


We send digital photos by email and sell samples by courrier.


Payment terms.: Payment in advanced and/or by DLC.


For more information please contact.


Best regards,


Mr. Roberto Carlos S. Ferreira

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Brand Name:Gemstones/VNM-bRAZIL
Place of Origin:Brazil
Optical Special Effects:Color Play or Fire
Gemstone Material:Agate
Jewelry Type:Bracelets
Loose Beads Material:Lampwork, Crystal & Glass
Supplier Details
Company Name:Nutro Brasil (RCS Ferreira Exportacao - ME)
Contact Person:Mr. Roberto Ferreira
Company Address:Square Araruva, 247
Contact Phone:55-11-88935390