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LifeTime Lumber / United states Other Timber for sale

LifeTime Lumber / United states Other Timber for sale
Product Details

Type:Other Timber
No Contraction / Expansion:Boards will not buc...
Composite lumber:made from coal ash (LEED Cert...
Minimal maintenance required:lifetime warranty...
Fire Resistant:class A & B fire rating
Resists water absorption:mold and mildew will ...

Supplier Details
Company Name:LifeTime Building Products
Contact Person:Mr. Vaida Lowell
Company Address:10 Iron Trail Rd.
Contact Phone:1-286-9090
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Hardwood Lumber / United states Other Timber for sale

Type:Other Timber
Place of Origin:Wisconsin United States
Brand Name:hardwood lumber
Model Number:hardwood lumber
red oak:lumber
hard maple:wood

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OEM 445 nm LASER Module / United states Other Lights & Lighting Products for sale

Place of Origin:Florida United States
Brand Name:ELK Industries/R-K MFG.
Model Number:LD 2445 LASER Diodes
Gold:Emits Blue 445 nm

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UMT Shower filter/Washing/Kitchen Water Treatment System / United states Other Home Appliance Parts for sale

Type:Other Home Appliance Parts
Place of Origin:United States
Classification:Water Purifier
Type:Conditioner (Water Purifier)
Model Number:UMT-S010 Shower Water Treatment S...
Brand Name:MembPure

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DPL Nuve Handheld / United states Other Skin Care Tool for sale

Place of Origin:Colorado United States
Brand Name:DPL Nuve Handheld
Model Number:DPL Nuve Handheld
1. Light Therapy:2. Skin Rejuvenation
3. Wrinkles:4. Acne
5. Pain:6. Circulation

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EcoGrower 8mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate Greenhouse / United states Other Garden Buildings for sale

Type:Other Garden Buildings
Place of Origin:United States
Brand Name:EcoGrower
Model Number:EG91284(G)
Frame Material:Metal
Aluminum Frame:Polycarbonate Panels

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