Variable frequency inverter ,AC drive,vfd ,vsd,converter,motor speed controller

Variable frequency inverter ,AC drive,vfd ,vsd,converter,motor speed controller
Product Details

Place of Origin:Chongqing, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:HUND
Model Number:GD100
Output Power:0.2-2.2Kw
Output Type:Multiple
Size:different size
Weight:different kilometer
Input Voltage:Single/Three phase 220V-240V,three phase 380V-440V, Single / Three phase 220V-240V, three phase 380V-440V
Output Voltage:220v-420v
Type:AC/AC Inverters
Output Frequency:50Hz/60Hz, Maximum to 200Hz, 50Hz/60Hz, Fluctuation range: 5%
Output Current:1.6-11A
Product name:AC drive,vfd ,vsd,converter,motor speed controller
Input Frequnencey:50Hz or 60Hz Allowed range: 47-63Hz
Control mode:V/F control
Maximum output frequency:200Hz
Applications:high speed grinding machine, electric machinery,etc.
Certification:ISO9001:2000CE CCC Rohs

Supplier Details
Company Name:Chongqing Hund Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Contact Person:Ms. Nicole Zhang
Company Address:No. 15-13, No. 1, Keyuan 3rd Road, Jiulongpo Dist., Chongqing, China (Mainland)
Contact Phone:86-23-68623025
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Variable Frequency converter, SB70 690V series high performance vector control inverter / China Inverters & Converters for sale

Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)
Brand Name:SenLan
Model Number:SB70
Output Power:1000KW and below
Output Type:Triple
Input Voltage:690V
Type:DC/AC Inverters
Output Frequency:Hz
Output Current:A
type:frequency inverter

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Sales promotion!! 500W/600W/1000W DC to AC sine wave ups inverter variable frequency inverter / China Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for sale

Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Must or OEM brand is available
Model Number:EP2000 series
Phase:Single Phase
Protection:Short circuit&Over temperature& Overvoltage
Output Voltage:110V/115V/120V/220V/230V/240V Selectable
Type:pure sine wave solar inverter
Application:Home, Company and so on
Size:340 X 265 X 120mm
Output Power:300W, 600W, 900W
Type:DC/AC inverters
Output Frequency:50/60HZ
change current:20Amp
Display:LCD or LED
Wave:sine wave
frequency type:low frequency
warranty:12 month, 2% spare parts

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variable frequency inverter drive / China Inverters & Converters for sale

Place of Origin:Zhejiang China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Huangxin
Model Number:F1000M
Output Power:1 - 200KW
Output Type:Triple
Input Voltage:220V/380V
Output Voltage:220V/380V
Output Frequency:0.1-400HZ
Output Current:----

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AS series of Variable Frequency Inverter / Taiwan Inverters & Converters for sale

Place of Origin:Taiwan
Brand Name:Adleepower
Model Number:AS2-104
Output Power:301 - 400W
Output Type:Triple
Input Voltage:220VAC±10%
Output Voltage:220VAC
Type:DC/AC Inverters
Output Frequency:0.5~400HZ
Output Current:2.5A
Input Frequency:50-60HZ ±10%
Capacity (KVA):1.0
Largest Motor (4 poles) (KW):0.4
Control Method:Sinwave PWM
Cooling Method:Self-cooled

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PI8000&PI8100 vector control variable frequency inverter / China Inverters & Converters for sale

Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name:POWTRAN
Model Number:PI8000 series
Output Power:0.4-630kw
Output Type:single phase or 3-phase
Size:as per the info
Weight:as per the product
Input Voltage:220-440v
Output Voltage:220-440v
Output Frequency:as per the info
Output Current:as per the product
Model Number:PI8000&PI8100 vector control
Output Power:0.4~650KW
Weight:2~280KGS (N.W.)
Output Current:4~750A
Starting signal:Forward ,reverse,jog
Slip conpensation:V/F control

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100KVA variable frequency inverter 50hz 60hz

Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ocme
Model Number:ocme60-311000
Output Power:1 - 200KW
Output Type:Single
Input Voltage:380V±20%,220V±10%
Output Voltage:115V±20%
Output Frequency:400Hz/300~500 Hz,50Hz/60Hz/45-65Hz
Output Current:840A
color:grey, bule etc
Circuit model:IGBT
Load stability:≤±1%
Wave distortion:THD≤3%
Reaction time:≤2mS

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Mini variable frequency inverter,AC drive,vsd,vfd,frequency converter

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ENC or Encom
Model Number:EDS800Nseries
Output Power:1 - 50W
Output Type:Multiple
Size:85*141*112 mm
Weight:1.0 KG
Input Voltage:200~460 V
Output Voltage:0~380V
Output Frequency:0Hz~400Hz
Output Current:1.6~7.5A
Defending Grade:IP 20
Control Mode:Sensorless Vector Control
Warranty:18 Months
Communications:internal RS485
Payment:T/T,L/C,or WesternUnion
Function:Energy Saving,Motor Speed Control
Application Occasion:Cetrifuge and other electric motors
Machine Advantage:Smart Size and Competitive Price

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UP1152 sheet metal plate processing fabrication manufacturing forming VVVF Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Inverter chassis / China Electronic & Instrument Enclosures for sale

Place of Origin:Fujian China (Mainland)
Model Number:UP1152
Protection Level:IP55
Type:instrument enclosure,Metal UPS enclosure cabinet fabrication
External Size:H12" x W8" x L8" (H304.8mm x W203.2mm x W203.2mm) or customerized
Material outside:alloy aluminate, SPCC, CRS,HRS, Stainless steel,mild steel
Material inside:SECC
Thickness:1.5 to 2.0mm
Coating:Power coating,galvanize Zinc Plating,epoxy,barking spraying
Electrostatic spray:powder spray,electrostatic spraying
Standard IEC 62040-3:IEC 62040-3 UPS Types and Methods
Standard GB/T7260-3:GB/T 7260-3
Standard GB/T 14715-93:GB/T 14715-93

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