KGP Greenhouses Glass Venlo Type / Netherlands Agricultural Greenhouses for sale

KGP Greenhouses Glass Venlo Type / Netherlands Agricultural Greenhouses for sale
Product Details

KGP GREENHOUSES — it’s an export company of turnkey projects for all over the world greenhouse complexes.

KGP GREENHOUSES erects new greenhouses throughout the world, offering turn-key greenhouses with all necessary accessories and equipment for: heating, screening and shading, lighting, irrigation systems, misting system, fertigation, substrate installations, automation, climate control systems, electrical engineering, sorting and packaging machines, inside transportation and many other components and materials to use in greenhouses.

KGP GREENHOUSES is taking on complete projects as well as small expansion projects and subcontracting work, offering a tailor-made solution, high quality and low budget to its Clients.

The advantages of our company are:
- Almost 35 years experience;
- More than 20 years experience in exporting greenhouses and building turnkey projects;
- Own construction production and building crew for mounting;
- Using TNO Casta program for calculating the strangeness of the erected constructions;
- Computer systems by «PRIVA International» Holland;
- Our cooperating for many years with leading greenhouse equipment companies allow us to do the best turnkey project so that you have in shortest time your investment back;
- Offering the newest technologies;
- Flexible in helping our clients;
- Eager to meet the expectations. Every project is different for the local country requirements, and we are always open to provide new drawings, documents and all kind of information for the good-result of local authorities or any other institution involved in the project realization.

Type:Multi-Span Agricultural Greenhouses
Cover Material:Glass
Place of Origin:Netherlands
Brand Name:KGP Greenhouses
Supplier Details
Company Name:KGP Greenhouses
Contact Person:Ms. Barbara Golowinska
Company Address:Honderdland 112
Contact Phone:31-630-057050