Homidium Chloride powder/tablets / India Veterinary Medicine for sale

Homidium Chloride powder/tablets / India Veterinary Medicine for sale
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Place of Origin:India

Supplier Details
Company Name:Pharma Links
Contact Person:Mr. Pranay Nikam
Company Address:405, Aditya Banarsi Heritage, Opposite HSBC, Mindspace Malad Link Road, Malad (West)
Contact Phone:91-22-28779505
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Magnesium chloride Flakes / India Chloride for sale

Type:Magnesium Chloride
CAS No.:7786-30-3
Other Names:magnesium chloride hexa hydrate
Place of Origin:India
Grade Standard:Agriculture Grade, Food Grade, ...
Purity:99% Min.
Appearance:snow white flakes, crystals, fused ...
Brand Name:sang-froid
Model Number:001
white:snow white

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Offering Poultry Vaccines, Veterinary products - Indian Origin / India Veterinary Medicine for sale

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Dosage Form:Injection, Powder, Oral Liquid
Animal Type:Cattle, Fowl, Horse, Pets, Pig, Sh...
Place of Origin:Maharashtra India

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Burdizzo Castrator / India Veterinary Instrument for sale

Place of Origin:India
Brand Name:Golden Star Surgical Industries
Model Number:GSSI 1
Properties:Veterinary Instruments
Bright Chrome:Handle Black

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Poultry Herbal feed additives & Large animals inj., Tab. etc. Ivermectin, Oxytetracycline Hcl, Albendazole, Ceftrioxone, Etc. / India Veterinary Medicine for sale

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Animal Type:Cattle, Herbal Poultry feed additi...
Place of Origin:India
Brand Name:Impact
Model Number:I.P., B.P. Standard
Type:Vety. Medicines, Herbal Medicine & Herbal...
Dosage Form:Powder, liquid, inj. Tab.
Certification:FDA, ISO 9001-2000 Standard & wi...

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Chromium Chloride hexahydrate / India Other Inorganic Salts for sale

Classification:Other Inorganic Salts
CAS No.:10060-12-5
Other Names:Chromium Chloride hexahydrate
Place of Origin:Andhra Pradesh India
Grade Standard:Industrial Grade
Purity:98.0% Min
Appearance:Dark Green Crystals
Application:Chrome Plating, Tanning , Mordant
Brand Name:TriCr
Colour:Dark Green Crystals

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Reusable Veterinary Hypodermic Needle / India Veterinary Instrument for sale

Place of Origin:Gujarat India
Brand Name:Swent
Model Number:92
Properties:Diagnosis & Injection
Luer lock needle:reusable needle
veterinary syringe needle:hypodermic veterinar...
hypodermic needle:syringe needle
injection needle:needle
steel needle:pointed needle

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Veterinary Vaccines & Medicines / India Veterinary Medicine for sale

Function:Antipyretic Analgesics
Dosage Form:Injection
Model Number:Veterinary medicines
Dosage Form:Suspension

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Poultry Feed supplement, medicine, Cattle formulation / India Veterinary Medicine for sale

Dosage Form:Suspension, Capsule, Aerosol, Powd...
Animal Type:Aquatic Animals, Cattle, Pets, Pig...
Place of Origin:India

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