Fireproof Aluminum Foil Bubble Sheet Roof Insulation / China Other Heat Insulation Materials for sale

Fireproof Aluminum Foil Bubble Sheet Roof Insulation / China Other Heat Insulation Materials for sale
  • US $ 0.8 - 2.5 / Square Meter

    Min.Order : 80 Roll/Rolls

    Supply Capacity : 200 Roll/Rolls per Day

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Product Details


This is a brand new environmentally-friendly heat insulation material which is soft, light and easy to install. It is made from aluminum foil and polyethylene by special machinery. It has no odor and toxicity.


Product Structure:Aluminum foil/LDPE bubble/Aluminum foil.


The polyethylene bubble between the aluminum foils serves as the liner and host of the aluminum foil. Besides, the diameter of the bubble ranges from 5mm to 25mm and the bubble height ranges from 2mm to 7mm. The bigger bubble, the stronger tensile strength.


Working Principle 

1)The outside aluminum foil can reflect radiation heat by up to 96%.

2)And the aluminum foil also serves as moisture barrier.

3)The bubble layer serves as the carrier of the aluminum foil and provides tensile strength.

4)A PET film layer can be added between the foil layer and bubble layer to increase tensile strength.


The funtionality conbination of the aluminum foil and the LDPE bubble and their various advantages has enabled  this product to have excellent comprehensive thermal insulation performance, offering extensive ideal solutions to industrial uses and modern home living. This type of material has no doubt become one of the best choice for the realization of new home living concept---living in harmony with the Nature.


In response to customer's requirement for fireproofness, the bubble layer can be made fireproof so that it will not easily catch fire and will not encourage fire when fire hazard happens. So customer can enjoy this product without worry.



1.  No odor and toxicity, environment-friendly

2.  Light, soft, dust free, fire retardant and easy to install

3.  Heat reflection, heat insulation, sound insulation, counter radiation, counter vibration and 


4.  During Summer: moisture barrier, sun protection, waterproof, energy saving consumed by

     cool air conditioning

5.  During Winter: heat protection, remarkable energy saving consumed by warm air




Roof, wall, floor,ceiling,attic,livestock shelter,basement,duct wrappings,cool container liner,

and sun-stop cover for vehicle.


product structure:


fireproof bubble:                                                used on wall:


used on ceiling or roof:                                        used in attic:


  Other types of insulation material:

1)aluminum foil XPE foam insulation material 2)aluminum foil EPE insulation material


AWTA test report on flame retardance for reference:

AWTA test report on thermal insulation for reference:





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Type:Other Heat Insulation Materials
Place of Origin:Jiangsu China (Mainland)
Brand Name:star
Model Number:ALB1004AL
material structure:AL/LDPE bubble/AL
roll spec.:1.2m(width)x40m(length)
emissivity:0.03-0.04 COEF.
thermal conductivity:0.032W/m.K
apparent density:54.8-85kg/m^3
water vapor transmission:0.012g/m^2KPA
tensile strength(TD/MD):10-30MPa/10-30Mpa
working temperature:-50 to 80 Celsius degrees
Supplier Details
Company Name:Suzhou Star Packaging Product Co., Ltd.
Contact Person:Ms. Petty Ma
Company Address:Star Industrial Park,666#,Puzhuang Ave,Puzhuang Town,Wuzhong District
Contact Phone:86-512-66560218