quick wire connector / South korea Connectors for sale

quick wire connector / South korea Connectors for sale
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quick wire connector

e-Clamp wire connector





Typically, the wires connecting the wires to cover the first strip, wiring, and the process of taping is needed.
But the e-clamp connections and simple without the need for this process is a breakthrough product.

The core technology of e-clamp U-party grid (copper) and U overlap parties make teeth and applying pressure to cut cloth, using the principles as soon as the connection of the wires without removing the cloth, are connected by giving the is a keyboard.

e-clamp wire connector (Self stripping wire connector) include the following features.

- Cable for connection of the wires does not remove the cloth.
- The act of connecting wires (twist) does not.
- After the taping does not connect wires.
- Wire connection, a special device (Y, U pin, etc.) will need to attach.
- Special tools for connectivity (stripper, module tool) do not.
- Can be connected quickly and accurately.
- Everyone is easy to access.
- There is no risk of electric shock.

In particular, the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, robotics, cars, telecommunications equipment, semiconductor production line, in order to apply the display industry and is a new product



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Place of Origin:Seoul South Korea
Brand Name:e-clamp connector
Model Number:e-clamp connector
Type:connector clamp
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Contact Person:Mr. Lee Young Hwan
Company Address:Rm603 Mokdong Biz Tower 29-23
Contact Phone:82-02-26772468