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HHO PURE HYDROGEN GENERATOR / Canada Other Generators for sale

HHO PURE HYDROGEN GENERATOR / Canada Other Generators for sale
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Dual Mode Hydrogen Generator

‘Super Kit’ – contains everything needed


Make HHO with 12 Volt Electrolysis OR With Chemical Methods

It’s like Having 2 Generators in 1


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Minimum Quantity: 1 unit

Price per Unit: $75

Shipping: $16


Switch between super high output, PURE H2 (chemical generation) and convenient 12 Volt electrolysis HHO production!


What is Dual Mode?


Green Source is the first and only company to offer two methods of hydrogen generation in one package, both with unique advantages.


The Electrolysis Mode

This is the most common way to make HHO in your vehicle.  It’s safe, easy and convenient to use and turns on and off with your ignition key OR the flick of a toggle switch.

Simply insert the preassembled electrode pack into the generator and apply 12 Volts to the red and black electrical connectors on top. This is convenient and easy and works with all popular electrolysis chemicals, including baking soda and KOH/NaOH.



Chemical Generation

No electricity required! MAKES PURE H2 at higher rates than electrolysis with NO OXYGEN generated.  That means NO O2 extenders, no EFIE fuel injection system modifications to your car.  Simply secure the generator in place, run the hose to the air intake and you're done!

It works on a simple and very inexpensive chemical reaction using aluminum and water! 

As there is no oxygen generated, this method allows you to test your car in ways not normally possible.  First, you can try chemical mode to make the highest possible, pure H2 output.  This is the ideal situation for your car as there is no questioning if you have enough output or if you could benefit from additional ‘fine tuning’ such as adding O2 extenders to your oxygen sensors or adding an EFIE (Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer). Chemical Mode allows you to immediately find out how much gains are possible in your specific vehicle with hydrogen subsidy.


Make hydrogen from waste such as foil or soda & beer cans!  Each gram of Aluminum can react to produce 1.2 liters of hydrogen at standard atmospheric pressure.


 Check out these GREAT FEATURES:

    Stainless steel outer construction looks great and protects the glass liner.Rubber lid further protects the generator while providing an easy, fast TIGHT seal.Glass liner is immune (inert) to all chemicals and is VERY EASY to clean. Inspection Port allows you to monitor the reaction and water level.Professional Binding/Terminal Posts provide easy, secure electrical connection to power the generator with 12 Volts.  It also allows for easy changing between chemical and electrolysis modes, should you want to try both6 HUGE 2 X 6 inch electrodes (5 X 15 cm) are top quality Stainless Steel for extended use, high output and low maintenance!  The innovative, high performance electrode pack comes FULLY ASSEMBLED, creates less heat and double the hydrogen (HHO) of other packs.Custom, internal stainless brackets eliminate dangerous crimp style electrical connections. All stainless parts are professionally sheared and punched, never cut and drilled to avoid anomalies and rough edges. Excellent, educational manual provides you with lots of additional, useful information and money saving tips. Operates at 8-12 amps typically so there is no need of an automotive wiring relay. HHO OR Pure H2 output, no other gases are created.Safe, Simple and Inexpensive operation.You get 2 systems in 1.


Physical Size: 9 inches tall and 4 inches wide

What is included:


1.     Hydrogen generator reaction vessel with stainless outer and glass liner

2.     Rubber lid with professional dual electrical connector and gas fitting

3.     2 X 6 inch, Stainless Steel electrode pack (5 plate stack)

4.     Flashback arrestor

5.     Fusible link (fuse and holder) to improve safety

6.     10 feet (16 gauge) red primary hook up wire (for 12 volts)

7.     5 feet (16 gauge) black secondary hook up wire

8.     1 illuminated toggle switch

9.     5 feet of clear, braided reinforced tubing

10.   3 female spade, “Quick Disconnect” connectors for connecting to the toggle switch

11.  Tie wraps for easy installation

12.  An excellent, educational manual (electronic copy)

13.  Friendly, helpful product support…during and after the sale.  We’re not here to sell you a hydrogen generator.  We’re here to help you buy one, be it ours or someone else’s. We want you to get the unit best suited for YOU.


Why Buy From Green Source?


1. Price.  We are the manufacturer. We purchase parts in large volumes from all over the world to bring you the best pricing available today.

2.  Quality.  We source only the best materials and assembly is under strict engineering supervision. 

3.  Safety.  Green Source HHO Generators are constructed with confidence and do not utilize risky components.

4.  Support.  Green Source is an engineering company with a wealth of technical competence, packaged in an easy to understand format.

5.  Experience.  9000 units worldwide into 50+ countries… Our in house engineering allows for constant improvement in latest materials and technologies.

6.  Best Value and Simple Design. Makes installation easy and keeps the cost low. 

7.  Modularity and Flexibility. We show you how to operate at ultra low cost and with the safest chemicals.  However, you can use this same equipment to run efficiently, at low temperatures with stronger electrolytes.  Other systems require a pulse width modulator, while it is optional with us. 

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