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Rice drum seeder / Philippines Seeders for sale

Rice drum seeder / Philippines Seeders for sale
Product Details

The use of the Inca Rice Drum Seeder leads to better crop management and higher harvest yield.  Immediate savings is realized on the quantity of seeds planted with the drum  seeder compared with hand broadcasting method.  Actual field uses show a savings of at least 120 kgs seeds per hectare.  Another immediate benefit is the increase in palay harvest of 10% due to the proper distribution of planting seeds resulting in optimized plant spacing for maximum use of sunlight and soil nutrients.  Developed with the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PHILRICE), the Rice Drum Seeder applies straight row seeding and controlled seeding rates from perforations along the circumference of the plastic drum seeder.  Cost of labor for seeding and planting is also reduced since the drum seeder is lightweight, simple to assemble and operated by one person.  The drum seeder, wheels and bushings are made of food grade virgin polyethylene plastic resin compounded with U.V. Stabilizers for use in tropical climates.  To add strength with rough handling and severe field conditions, the Drum Seeder is manufactured in the Philippines using the process of  ROTATIONAL MOLDING.  The Rice seeder is suitable for BOTH inbred or hybrid rice varieties.  It also comes with optional accessories to directly seed narrow or irregular shaped rice fields.



Material: Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE)

Color: Orange (Drum seeders) & Black (wheels)

External dimensions: 2320 mm L x 700 mm

Total no. of Drum seeders: 5 per set

Tare weight: ~10.60 kg

Gross weight with seeds:~20.60 kgs

Seeding output: 1.0 to 1.5 ha/day

Seed preparation: 12 hrs (hybrid) or 24 hrs (inbred) soaking; 12 hrs or 24 hrs incubation

Number of rows: 10 (equal to 2.1 meters width)

Seed capacity: 10 kg (2 kg/ Drum)

Seeding rate: 20 to 60 kg per hectare

Place of Origin:Philippines
Brand Name:Inca Drum Seeder
Supplier Details
Company Name:Inca Plastics Philippines, Inc.
Contact Person:Mr. Ralph Cabrera
Company Address:Bldg. 4 Philcrest Cmpd. Km. 23 West Service Road Cupang
Contact Phone:63-2-8092730