high pressure compressed piston Gas Spring and gas strut and gas lift / China Springs for sale

high pressure compressed piston Gas Spring and gas strut and gas lift / China Springs for sale
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    Min.Order : 2000 Piece/Pieces

    Supply Capacity : 1000000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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high pressure Compressed Gas Spring / gas strut

The series product is an industrial accessory for support and cushion. It is composed of pressure pipe, piston rod, piston, airproof guide sleeve, stuffing (inert gas or the mixture of gas and oil) and other parts and connections. The work principle is to fill the inert gas or the mixture of gas and oil in the pressure cylinder, in order to make the cavity be at high pressure, and then the different pressure in the end of the piston to move the piston.

Compared with the common mechanical spring, the gas spring is featured with the advantages below
  ·  The speed is comparably low and the force is not changed largely, usually the spring coefficient is between 1.2 and 1.4, which is easy to control.
  ·  The spring curve is almost lineal, which make the moving much more comfortably

Other Characteristics 
  ·  The main function is to support. There are only two positions for compressing and stretch respectively, so it can not stop automatically during the running.
  ·  Easy to install and use, and it is featured with low noise and energy.
  ·  The full stroke is smooth.


It is widely used in the industry of automobile, airplane, office furniture, mechanical engineering,etc.



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Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Load Type:Compression
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Company Name:Jiangsu Youngman Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
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