Synthetic Fur Animal Decoration, Fur Animal Model Decoration And Gifts, Crafts G / China Other Holiday Supplies for sale

Synthetic Fur Animal Decoration, Fur Animal Model Decoration And Gifts, Crafts G / China Other Holiday Supplies for sale
  • US $ 4 - 5 / Piece

    Min.Order : 1000 Piece/Pieces

    Supply Capacity : 5000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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Product Details

Cat, dog, horse, deer, sheep, goat, tiger, cow, Buffalo, bear, lion, donkey, rabbit / bunny, camel, leopard, Panda, kangaroo, fox, magpie, wolf, siamese cats, jackalopes, raccoons, moose Turkey, elk, gorilla, lemurs, loons, mallards, squirrel, pig, duck, dolphin, pigeon, orang, giraffe, monkey, hang piece, snake, elephant, crane, mandarin duck, mickey mouse, ostrich, rat / mise / mouse, swan, koala, peafowl, parrot, penguin, dragon, car cushion, owl, pigeon, eagles, rooster / hen / chick, hawk, goose, magpie, duck, dolphin, bats, cheetah panther, parrots, crows, cockatoos, Turkey, puffins, donkeys & burros, ducklings, mallards, squirrels & skunks, unicorns & pegasus & unipegs, kitties, precious kitties, baby kittens, cats in basket, mother cat & baby, kitty cats, sleeping cats, labrador dogs, unicorn & pegasus, whitetail deer, American cocker spaniel, Australian silky, Australian terrier basset hound, beagle Novelty Toys, Toy Agents, Inflatable Toys, Imitated ornaments, fur toy pets, Festival Ornaments, hobby toy, model toy, children toy, kid toy, christmas toy, Toy Animal, baby gift, leather fur craft
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Type:Other Holiday Supplies
Place of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)
Brand Name:sleeping pet
Model Number:hf009
Supplier Details
Company Name:Heze Hengfang Leather And Fur Crafts Co. , Ltd
Contact Person:Ms. Summer Chen
Company Address:Development Area Of Mudan Town
Contact Phone:86-530-5750007