Tyre changer SL-672 / China Tire Changers for sale

Tyre changer SL-672 / China Tire Changers for sale
Product Details

Motor Power:0.75KW/1.1KW
Max. Rim Diameter:950mm(37")
Max. Rim Width:410mm(16")
Operating Pressure:8-10bar (116-145Psi)
Power Supply:110V/220V (1ph) 380V (3ph)
Place of Origin:Liaoning China (Mainland)
Model Number:SL-672
Type:Pneumatic Bead Breaker blade

Supplier Details
Company Name:Dalian Haiyang Import-Export Trading Co., Ltd.
Contact Person:Mr. steven zhang
Company Address:Room 2002, RongTong International Mansion, Dalian Development Zone, Liaoning, China
Contact Phone:86-0411-39219528
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222 Tyre changer / China Tire Changers for sale

Motor Power:1.1kw
Max. Rim Diameter:39/1000mm
Max. Rim Width:13/330mm
Operating Pressure:8-12bar
Power Supply:220V-1ph/380V-3ph
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name:SILVER
Model Number:222
Brand Name:SILVER
Model Number:222

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NHT810 Semi-Automatic Motorcycle Tyre Changer / China Tire Changers for sale

Max. Rim Diameter:940mm(37")
Max. Rim Width:255mm(10")
Operating Pressure:0.8-1.0MPa(110-147Psi)
Power Supply:110V/220V(1ph);380V(3ph)
Place of Origin:Liaoning China (Mainland)
Brand Name:NHT
Model Number:NHT810
Automatic level:Semi-Automatic

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Car Tyre Changer,Automobile Tyre Changer(885IT) / China Tire Changers for sale

Motor Power:-
Max. Rim Diameter:41"(1040mm)
Max. Rim Width:3"-15"(76mm-381mm)
Operating Pressure:8-10bar
Power Supply:-
Place of Origin:China (Mainland)
Model Number:885IT
Desc.:Car Tyre Changer,Automobile Tyre Changer
2.Max. wheel diameter:41"(1040mm)
Wheel width:3"-15"(76mm-381mm)

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universal mobile truck tyre changer / China Tire Repair Tools for sale

Type:Hand Tool
Main Material:special metal
Place of Origin:Hubei China (Mainland)
Brand Name:SM
Model Number:8002 car tyre repair kit
usage:for heavy car,solid tire

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Auto Tyre Repair Tool Tire Moving Equipment / China Tire Changers for sale

Motor Power:1.1kw
Max. Rim Diameter:960mm
Max. Rim Width:380mm
Operating Pressure:8-10 bar
Power Supply:AC110V/220V/230V 50Hz/60Hz
Place of Origin:Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Launch
Model Number:TWC-502RMB
Net weight:322KG
Dimensions:1350mm x 950mm x 1880mm
Torque of turntable:1070Nm
RPM of turntable:6-8rpm
Rim clamping diameter (outer):10'-20'
Rim clamping diameter (inner):13'-23'
TWC502RMB:Tyre Tool
Type:Tyre changer,Wheel Changer,Tire Changer
Use for:Tyre
Garage tool:tyre repair tool

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Truck tyre changer LT-650 [ CE;ISO] CAR /AUTO TIRE CHANGER / China Tire Changers for sale

Motor Power:1.8Kw
Max. Rim Diameter:62''
Max. Rim Width:30''
Operating Pressure:13-20Mpa
Power Supply:380V
Place of Origin:Liaoning China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Tyre changer
Model Number:LT-650
Application range:Tuck/bus/tractor/industry ve...
Max .wheel weight:500KG
Max. wheel width:30''
Max. outer diameter of tyre: 62''
Clamping range: 14-26''
Driving power of Hydraulic Pump: 1.1Kw 380v-3PH
Driving Power of Gear Motor:1.8Kw 380v-3PH
Rotation Speed::7.34Rpm

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Car Maintemance SL 822GT / China Tire Changers for sale

Motor Power:0.75Kw/1.1Kw
Max. Rim Diameter:1000mm
Max. Rim Width:360mm
Operating Pressure:8-10bar
Power Supply:110V/220V,1ph 380V,3ph
Place of Origin:Liaoning China (Mainland)
Brand Name:strong lion
Model Number:SL 822GT
type1:Tyre changer
type2:tire changer
type3:car tire changer
type4:automatic tyre changer
type5:automatic tire changer
type6:car tyre changer
type7:full-automatic tyre changer
type8:semi-automatic tire changer
type9:car Maintenance

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