Transducer & Instrumentation Trainer / Malaysia Testing Equipment for sale

Transducer & Instrumentation Trainer / Malaysia Testing Equipment for sale
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Transducers and Instrumentation Trainer








The Transducer & Instrumentation Trainer providing a comprehensive modular training resource covering the Principles of Transducer

and Instrumentation technology.


The system comprises a rugged, self-contained portable hardware module that features a PCB mounted in a steel case. All electrical power supplies are housed in the case.


The PCB features system layout screen-printed on the PCB. A comprehensive series of transducer input and an output device together with signal conditioning and instrumentation circuit is provided. These includes following variety of sensors:


The transducer and signal conditioning elements of this trainer are typical of those used throughout industry. These elements include:


Transducer input devices  Transducer output devices.  Instrumentation circuitry.


Input devices : For the detection of rotary and linear position, temperature, light, pressure, strain, humidity and audible and ultrasonic sound.


Output devices : For the generation of heat, light, rotary and linear actions, audible and ultrasonic sound and visual indication of voltage.


Instrumentation circuitry : For the investigation of Wheatstone Bridges and current measurement techniques, linear and non-linear signal amplification, DC restoration of AC signals, signal transmission techniques.




The comprehensive competency-based curriculum manual provided with the trainer covers the following topic areas:


An introduction to sensors & transducers systems. Input transducers - an evaluation of the various devices provided. Output transducers - practical investigation of the various devices provided. Display devices - practical investigation of the devices provided, applications in practical systems, evaluation of input requirements. Signal conditioning circuitry - in depth investigation/analysis of the numerous signal conditioning circuits provided, including properties of amplifiers, buffers and inverters, input/output requirements of the circuits provided, proper use of comparators, oscillators and filters and matching instrumentation circuits to the input and output transducers. Practical control systems - design and implementation of temperature control systems and light level control systems.




Input Transducers :


Position sensors

    Includes  various  types of Potentiometers viz. Carbon track, slide, wire wound, Decade Resistance Boxes, Decade Capacitance Boxes & Decade Inductance Boxes etc.,

Temperature / Heat Sensors :

    Includes  Thermocouple,  NTC thermistor, Platinum RTD,  IC temp Sensor.

Light Sensors :

    Include Photo conductive Cell, Photo voltaic Cell, Photodiode & Photo transistor.

Displacement Sensors :

     Includes Linear Variable Displacement Transformer (LVDT) and Linear Variable Capacitor (LVC).

Strain Gauge Sensor

    Include Strain Gauge 120Ù & Strain Gauge Simulator.

Environmental Sensors :

    Includes Air Pressure sensor and Humidity Sensor.

Sound Sensors :

    Include Ultra Sonic Receiver and Dynamic Microphone



Output Devices : 


Heater.Filament Lamp.Ultra Sonic Transmitter.Buzzer.Loud speaker.Bargraph voltage indicator.Galvanometer ±30µV center-zero.


Signal Conditioning Circuits


Wheastone Bridge.LVDT Signal Conditional.Amplifiers : Audio & AC amplifiers.Oscillators, Filters, Rectifiers.Converters (V/F, F/V, V/I, I/V, L/V & L/F).


Includes the following items:

Transducers and instrumentation trainer. 2mm lead set. Instruction manual. Experiments manual.


The unit operates on 240 VAC, 50Hz. The necessary power supplies for various circuits are generated within the module.  The system features a shaft assembly that carries a DC motor with all the relevant sensors mounted on the shaft. Each unit is supplied with complete set of manuals. `The manuals provide comprehensive hands on course of study that guides the user through the technology of transducers and instrumentation.

Place of Origin:Malaysia
Model Number:D1750
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