Vulcan Silver / South africa Healthcare Supplement for sale

Vulcan Silver / South africa Healthcare Supplement for sale
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    Supply Capacity : 10000 Box/Boxes per Month

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Product Details

Vulcan Silver.

Vulcan Silver is a super strength clustered nano silver suspension. It has up to a 1000 times more active silver than normal silver colloids. The key advance and improvement over colloidal silver is the increase in the concentration of available silver. Its primary purpose is to specifically and immediately target severe bacterial infection. Vulcan Silver has been developed by a leading UK chemist and utilizes a breakthrough which has been penned as a “Clustered Nano Silver”, this allows nano particles of 2000 parts per million & 4000 parts per million to be ingested in a single dose, thereby multiplying the absorption rate exponentially.

In effect what this does is create a virtual second immune system for the body, allowing the body’s own defence mechanisms to recover while the Vulcan Silver fights off infections. In every case that we were able to document, we found that the patients showed a remarkable increase in their white blood cells and CD4 counts while dramatically lowering their viral loads, thereby building the body’s own immune system to better fight off any further infections on its own and dramatically boosting the immune system.


Vulcan Silver is an exceptional antibacterial agent, and perhaps more importantly no known development of resistant strain or mutation of any treated bacteria to “Super Bug” status.


How Vulcan Silver Works Against Viruses.

A single virus will invade a new living cell within the body’s tissue. Then the insidious pathogen will take over the nucleus of the cell and alter its production and reproduction mechanism to replicate the virus instead of the enzyme, hormone or other chemical that the body would normally have produced for itself within that cell.

Later the infected cell releases small virus spores,called virions, into the blood stream, it is then that Vulcan Silver attacks the spores before they reach the new cells and kill them off. So that the virus is predominantly active and reproducing in the blood, stomach or throat then the Vulcan Silver can tackle it. In the case of HIV the virus is mainly seated in the lymph system which is very difficult to address. But the ensuing killer AIDS which is the massive susceptibility and inability of the immune system to cope with opportunistic secondary bacterial infections, such as candida, colds,etc, can be controlled and eliminated – as shown in Aarons case.   

Vulcan Silver versus Bacteria.

Vulcan Silver cripples and targets and cripples the single celled bacteria, probably by disrupting the cell metabolism, causing almost immediate bacteria cell death. Any and all bacteria are killed within a very short time frame, normally minutes, without causing any adverse effect on the surrounding tissue cells.

“Clustered nano silver kills off all types of bacteria”. This is ground breaking as NO other single antibiotic works against all types of bacteria as well as clustered nano silver. Clustered nano silver offers many more advantages over any antibiotics. It works against all types of bacteria and viruses, even killing off antibiotic resistant strains – the Super Bugs - as well as fungal infections.

Vulcan Silver as a preventative substance.

As a preventative, Vulcan Silver is unsurpassable. Sufficient Vulcan Silver taken daily precludes infections, viruses and diseases. The daily ingestion of Vulcan silver is like having a second immune system. It lessens the load on the body’s natural immune system and effectively kills the many thousands of viruses and bacteria that constantly challenge the body.

Vulcan Silver & Patient’s.

Maintaining good health and a strong immune system is critical for a good quality of life regardless of a person’s status. Modern day living and the demands of the rat race put pressure on people’s immune systems, it’s here that Vulcan Silver comes to the rescue. A prophylactic dose daily builds up defences and support the immune system. Many users say that they are virtually invincible in the face of a flu and cold epidemics. If you didn’t heed your Momma’s advice that prevention is better than cure, all is not lost! If you already have flu or a cold, Vulcan Silver in our experience nips it in the bud within days while showing no mercy for any nasty secondary infections.

Vulcan Silver is a very affordable and safe product that empowers patients with a supported immune system. There are no known strains of silver-resistant bacteria, great news if they have been feeling slightly paranoid about super bugs. The war may still be raging but more and more health battles are being won with the help of Vulcan Silver. Vulcan Silver’s promising effectiveness against bacteria and fungal infections makes it a valuable addition to every first aid kit.

By no means do we suggest that HIV+/AIDS sufferers fire their doctors and throw away their ARV’s and medical treatments. We are suggesting that  Vulcan Silver can be a powerful ally for their immune systems. It’s a dramatic boost for their wellbeing in conjunction with other prescribed treatments.

“Without overstating the case, it may be time to recognize clustered nano silver as not only the safest medicine on earth, but also the most powerful!”

Silver Crest Medical strives to help and improve the lives of people with AID’s and those who are in need of a immune boost to help fight off any infections and bacteria. Silver Crest Medical and Vulcan Silver stands on the front line fight against bacterial, fungal and viral infections, hepatitis B .


What can Vulcan Silver be used for in everyday life?

Overwhelming scientific research and anecdotal evidence has shown clustered nano silver to be beneficial and active in the treatment of a great many conditions.

Acne, AIDS, Arthritis, Athlete’s foot, Boils, Bladder Infections, Blood Poisoning, Bronchitis, Burns, Cancer, Candida, Cholera, Chronic Fatigue, Colds/Flu’s, Cold sores, Colitis, Cystitis, Dermatitis, Diabetes, Diarrhoea, Emphysema, Food Poisoning, Heartburn, Gangrene, Gastritis, Gingivitis, Gout, Haemorrhoids, Herpes Virus, Hepatitis, Leukaemia, Lupus, Lymphagtitis, Lyme Disease, Open wounds & Sores, Osteomyelitis, Malaria, Meningitis, Pleurisy, Pneumonia, Rheumatism, Rhinitis, Ringworm, Rosacea, Salmonella, Septicaemai, Sinus problems, Shingles, Skin Cancer, Strep Infections, Straph Infections, STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases), Throat Infections, Thyroid problems, Tick bite fever, Tonsillitis, Toxaemia, Tuberculosis, Ulcers and Warts.


Skin and Tropical Infections.

Vulcan Silver has been used very effectively on the skin for bacterial and fungal infections such as Thrush, Athletes Foot, infected wounds and burnt skin etc. Many people put a few drops of Vulcan Silver on plasters or bandages when treating cuts and see amazing results within a matter of days. Please be well aware that this high concentration of silver may stain the skin and remain for about 2 weeks, it will gradually rub away – a bit like the old fashioned iodine and gentian violet treatments – it is not permanent 

Function:All Round Immune Booster
Place of Origin:United Kingdom
Brand Name:Vulcan Silver
Model Number:Vulcan Silver
Immune Booster:$29 per bottle 4000PPM
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