Velvet Tape / South korea Other Holiday Supplies for sale

Velvet Tape / South korea Other Holiday Supplies for sale
Product Details

Type:Other Holiday Supplies
Place of Origin:South Korea
Brand Name:Velvet Butterfly
Model Number:Non-stretch

Supplier Details
Contact Person:Ms. Susanna Seo
Company Address:692-7, Ju-rye Dong
Contact Phone:82-51-4697341
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adhesive weatherstrip with 3M tape / South korea Other Door & Window Accessories for sale

Type:Other Door & Window Accessories
Place of Origin:Daegu South Korea
Brand Name:Yusung mohair
Model Number:adhesitive 3M tape
Reliable adiabatic effect:high
Energy saving effect:high
Excellent soundproofing effect:high
Prevention of dewdrops effect:high
Resistance against chemicals:high
Excellent quality:high

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[KITA] CROSS TAPE / South korea Other Sports Safety for sale

Place of Origin:Seoul South Korea
Model Number:A,B type
Wate resistant:Latex free
Hypoallergenic adhesive:Skin breathable

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environmental finishing materials Flooring / South korea Other Flooring for sale

Type:Other Flooring
Place of Origin:Seoul South Korea
Brand Name:solitone
Usage:inner and outside
Product Material:silica sand

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Microfiber Sports Towel / South korea Other Sports & Entertainment Products for sale

Place of Origin:Gyeonggi-do South Korea
Brand Name:AQUWIN Microfiber Sports Towel
Model Number:STM409

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Rock Wool Heating Isolation Material ( Aluminum foil + Kraft Paper ) / South korea Other Heat Insulation Materials for sale

Type:Other Heat Insulation Materials
Place of Origin:Seoul South Korea
Brand Name:Rock Wool Heating Isolation Materia...
Model Number:SK-D1P
MD 10/100mm:XD 14/100mm
Tensile Strength:N/15mm/ASTM D 828/XD:44.9 MD:...
Material:Aluminum Foil

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sticker-wallpapers / South korea Other Home Decor for sale

Type:Other Home Decor
Place of Origin:Gyeonggi-do South Korea
Brand Name:sticon

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Characin Food Compartment Tray / Stainless Steel / South korea Other Dinnerware for sale

Dinnerware Type:Other Dinnerware
Place of Origin:Incheon South Korea
Brand Name:Characin

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