( SuperDeals) RAM Water Pump / Taiwan Pumps for sale

( SuperDeals) RAM Water Pump / Taiwan Pumps for sale
  • US $ 355 - 445

    Min.Order : 10 Set/Sets

    Supply Capacity : 600 Set/Sets per Month

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Product Details

This is an environmental friendly product and without electricity /fuel and operating itself 24 hours of ram water pump. Besides this is very suit for plain ground irrigated /storage water and designing fish pool in garden...etc. The efficiency is vertical lift 5m high max. but deliver pipe longer as you want and deliver water exit 15--20 litres/per minute  by 1"dia.pipe ..etc. Normally this pump replace of electricity pump to get source water from natural dam or creek or stream or river into storage tank and then feed water for our another product art.GDW-929S (vertical lift 48m high max. and exit water 25 litres per minute by 1"dia.pipe) to mountain side area for irrigation or housing use !! PRICE IS SO COMPATATIVE !! HOW MUCH MONEY YOU SAVE FROM ELECTRICITY YEAR BY YEAR ???? TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE !!

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Place of Origin:Taiwan
Brand Name:GD
Model Number:GDW-928GR
Supplier Details
Contact Person:Mr. Jack Chiou
Company Address:C/O 4f, No.241, Da-eing St. Nan-tun Destrict
Contact Phone:886-919-076891